Saturday, 16 November 2013

Making life easy for business owners

Owning a garment business was dream come true for Henry, but in just 2 months of running the business he was facing trouble with his suppliers. Not only were the deliveries not on time but quality of the material was also going down. He could not let his dream go down the drain for somebody else’s fault. How difficult it is finding some dedicated suppliers at a good rate, he thought. He went out in the market and started getting in touch with his contacts to find the right people that he could work with. In just a few days, he realized that it was an exhausting process to find people.

Where Henry was struggling with suppliers, in other corner of the city, Richard was finding it difficult to find enough business for clothing wholesale business. He was dedicated to provide clothes on the wholesale rate to other businesses which can turn those clothes into beautiful garments and sell off to the customers. It was difficult because some of his regular customers decided to close down the business. He tried contacting more and more people in hope to get some good customers so that his business takes off.

Both Henry and Richard are actually looking for each other, where they both can help each other grow leaps and bounds in their business. What if there was one single place where both wholesalers and business owners could gather, fix the rates and do business together. Something like this is now available on the internet.

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