Sunday, 22 September 2013

Fashion and wholesaling in the digital age

Clothing wholesalers play an important role in the fashion industry in providing products and raw material in business to business basis. They also aim to bridge the gap between the manufacturers and the end user of the clothing lines. Clothing wholesalers can manage a large amount of supply by breaking it down in smaller quantities to be sent to individual businesses. The benefits of tying up with fashion wholesalers provides you with large quantities and varieties, lowest pricing and stable service.

As per statistics, the year 2012 saw UK shoppers spend more than £100 billion on clothing bought from brick and mortar stores and further £10 billion in online shopping. While wholesaling isn’t the same as direct selling to customers, it certainly is a significant innovation. It also helps collecting crucial information on the buying end. The most common reason why UK wholesalers are in good business is the ability to resell products after markups have been done in retail stores. There are many businesses and establishment that are looking to engage Wholesalers in UK to get their stock of clothing. Good examples are corporate, hospitals, event management groups and any such organization that look for a uniform.

It is finally the quantity, quality and style that will be dictating the price and wholesale distribution channel that you are looking forward to use. A good idea will be to add the criteria of experience and reputation when looking out for the best crafts suppliers. lists all the major fashion and crafts suppliers serving UK markets. It is an all inclusive wholesale directory that serves as a one stop solution for all your bulk buy needs.

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